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Devoted worshiper, man of prayer and the WORD. Bishop RW Simmonds was born in the parish of St. Catherines, Jamaica, and has been serving the Lord since he was sixteen years of age. In 1989 he migrated to Canada to fulfill God's will and purpose for his life.


Bachelor of Arts in Theology at Canon Theological Seminary. Class of 2003.

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Author, Councillor, Marriage Officer, Seminar, Convention, and Conference Speaker.

Bishop RW Simmonds

Bishop Simmonds and his wife of 34 years, Pastor Claudette Simmonds, have been blessed with three children and a beautiful grand-daughter. They have had the privilege of working together in ministry and leading many souls to the Lord. Throughout the years of their ministry, Bishop Simmonds and his wife have also had the honor of seeing many lives touched, impacted, changed, and delivered through the work of the Holy Spirit.

Bishop Simmonds’ ultimate desire is to see God’s people live effective, delivered, complete, and abundant lives, and for them to be ready for eternity. 

Deliverance From Self is Here!

Are you walking free on the outside, yet you are a spiritual prisoner on the inside? You are not alone. Millions of people you meet out on the streets are walking about daily, yet they are serving a life sentence imposed by self.

Bishop RW Simmonds makes his editorial debut with Deliverance From Self. This book will help you find the tools and keys needed to help free you from yourself, all with the help and guidance of the Holy Spirit!

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Bishop RW Simmonds

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